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What is it CAELCE?

The CAEL CE is used to test the English language fluency of students planning to study at Canadian Post Secondary Institutions.

An authentic representation of language use in a Canadian academic context is provided by CAEL CE, one of the best tools for identifying students with the right English skills. During the test, participants read articles, listen to lectures, answer questions, and write short essays, just as they would in a classroom setting.

What are the benefits of CAEL CE?

  • With CAEL CE, test takers are able to demonstrate their language skills in an academic context.
  • With a personal timer and word counter, this is a computer-delivered service that can be completed in just one sitting.
  • Over 180 Canadian universities and colleges accept the program, including all English-speaking schools
  • Online results in 8 business days, free delivery to 5 institutions
  • Professional organizations, colleges, universities, and employers accept CAEL CE tests as proof of English language proficiency.

Scores on tests

The individual English proficiency scores include Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking scores, as well as an overall score. Now that the four component scores have been equally weighted, the overall score will be rounded to the nearest ten points.


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