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Manny Educational Consultants strongly believes that proficiency in English is vital. Having this language is the key to expressing your thoughts in this world with ease. Being the most widely used language in the world, it is of utmost importance that you know this language. There are many of you out there who wish they could communicate, friends and family in English.

When one understands the language, they gain confidence, which helps them develop their personalities as well. It boosts one’s confidence and gives them the ability to reflect their thoughts to an audience as well as comprehend their questions.

Thus, knowing the language not only makes one a better speaker, but also makes one a better listener. This enables a person to comprehend each sentence spoken to them and respond accurately. Whether it is at work or in one’s personal life, the notion of comprehending plays a crucial role in any discussion, as it allows people to contribute appropriate, relevant ideas to the conversation.

Communication skills training

You will improve your communication skills and build up your confidence to succeed in your career through this comprehensive package of programs.

Individuals can gain competence and confidence as communicators through this 4-week program. Our unique and easy-to-retain methods provide knowledge, practice, and skills to meet the unique needs of each individual. All requirements will be met and exceeded by tailoring our offerings accordingly.

Highlights of the course

  • Developing effective speaking skills (How to stand out in a group)
  • The right use of words and body language
  • Participating in group discussions with distinction
  • Vocabulary, pronunciation, diction, and delivery improvement
  • Knowledge of business communication, writing, and email/notifications

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